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Thread: Changeset 138 Bug List

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    Mar 2006

    Exclamation Changeset 138 Bug List

    Changeset 138 Bug List:

    >> Follow the action here: <<


    htaccess - The htaccess.default, renamed to .htaccess, gives error 404 (see thread:

    Default Error Page - We need a default error page.

    Change 'Story' Title - Please change the story title from 'story headline / pligg' to 'pligg - story headline'. This is important, thanks.

    AboutBox - The 'about box' used to be visible until a user logged in. It disappeared, where did it go?

    SideStories.php - The file /libs/SidebarStories.php should be changed to /libs/sidebarstories.php (all lowercase). (see:

    SideStory/Related Stories - You should display 'Related Stories' in the 'SideStory box' on the Story/Comment Page.

    Queued Category Click - Queued category click url's broken. gives error "404 not found".

    Comment Edit - Unable to edit comments in URL Friendly mode, gives error 404.

    User Profile "Homepage" URL - Click a "Homepage" URL in someone's profile it appends the base_url to the beginning which gives 404 error.

    Who Voted Image - Avatar/Gravatar image should appear next to username in 'Who voted for this story'.

    RSS Feed - Comma used in story headline messes up RSS Feed in IE.

    Karma - Karma not counting.

    Tag cloud Page Headings Mislabeled - Incorrectly reads 'max 100 tags' should read 'tag cloud', 'tags', 'keyword tags', etc.

    Top Users Page Headings Mislabeled - Incorrectly reads 'statistics' should read 'top users' or 'top user statistics', 'user stats', etc.

    Title/Breadcrumb Missing or Mislabled - home / user / username / ...

    >modify - reads 'home / modify profile', should be 'home / username / modify profile'.
    >personal data
    >sent news
    >published news
    >unpublished news
    >and friends list, etc.

    Breadcrumbs Style - Are the breadcrumbs located in various files? If so, I need to no where so I can place a <div> around them for the new template.

    Comment Vote - Cannot vote/rate user comments -2 or less.

    Comment Box '|' - Comment box displays avatar/gravatar image followed by '| written by...' Please remove the '|' as it is not necessary.

    Show/Hide Comments - text reads '| show/hide this comment' Please remove the '|', it's not necessary.

    Hidden Comments - If a comment is hidden, a message displays 'show/hide this comment'. Why would it say "hide this comment"? Please change to 'hide' when visible, and 'show' when hidden.

    Visible Comment - No option to 'hide' comment.

    Comment Verbage - Should read '+# Votes' or '-# Votes'. Use digg as a reference. Thanks.

    Search - Search should list results newest (most recent) to oldest. I can't figure out what order search is listing results?

    Editorial/blog - Please hide this feature from anyone but Admin's, or users w/admin rights. It's too powerful (and possibly confusing) for normal users.

    Editorial Embedding - Since this is a blog, we should have the ability to embed images/movies/podcast's, etc.

    Admin Logout- If in 'Category Management' I logout, I get this message "not for you! go away!" with nothing to click on, thus booting me out of the website.

    Submit Step 2 - When server times out on submit step 2, a popup box in FF asks if I want to "save submit.php to disk".

    Submit Spell Check - Please add spell check to submit step 2, thanks.

    <BR/> - Incorrect usage. Should be '<BR />

    FileNames - Please try and name files in lowercase. Mixing or using UPPERCASE can cause problems. Thanks.

    On behalf of all Pligg users, thank you for your hard work!


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    Jul 2006
    I started something that might work here:

    But I'd rather somebody that knows what they're doing to look at it. That'll just take you to a 404 page, but there's a lot of other errors it doesn't cover. Like I say, it's a start.

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    Mar 2006

    Nice work! Care to help me with some .css for my new template here: ?

    I really need some help.



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