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Thread: Reddit goes open source!

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    New Pligger fhelik's Avatar
    Dec 2007

    Reddit goes open source!

    I don't know if this was posted earlier, but Online news aggregation community site is open-sourcing the company's Web application software

    this is the link

    Reddit code

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    Pligg Developer/Coder/Designer ChuckRoast's Avatar
    Dec 2005
    Pliggville USA
    Yeah I read that last week... That's cool they decided to go open source although compared to Pligg it's really apples and oranges. It's not very flexible and requires a boat-load of server configurations and packages.

    Reddit uses
    Debian, lighttpd, HAProxy, PostgreSQL, Slony-I, various python libraries, Psychopg, pylons, Solr, Tomcat, Ganglia, Mercurial, Git, gettext, daemontools, and memcached.
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