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Thread: Rss Import With Star Voting Problem

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    Sep 2007

    Rss Import With Star Voting Problem

    I am having a problem with publishing stories using the STAR VOTING method with RSS Import function. I have set the "Vote to Publish" to 1, "Voting Method" to 2 (star method), "Rating to Publish" to 0 and "Days to Publish" to 3650.

    As for the import, I set "Feed Random Votes" to 0 (no), "Feed Votes (if not random)" to 5. Just not sure why it's not publishing the stories. It imports everything just fine, but doesn't publish the stories -- it leaves them in the Upcoming section. It will only publish them if I rate them manually one at a time after they get imported. But with the digg like voting method, they get published just fine.

    I believe I did everything right as far as the configuration goes -- or did I miss something? I have also set the "Auto Vote" upon submitting a story to both true and false -- but that didn't make a difference at all.

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    Dec 2005
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    I believe that Rating to Publish needs to be set to 1 as a minimum? Try that out.
    Auto-vote should be set to false for star ratings. It's a feature that I think was designed for the normal number voting and I don't think it would work with stars.
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    Sep 2007
    Nope -- doesn't work. I am getting the feeling that this is either a bug or maybe Pligg wasn't really designed to import feeds using the star method, especially since it was really aimed for the whole Digg method thing. Kinda sucks since I was getting tired of the whole Digg method and wanted to try something new on my new movie site. I hope this can be fixed.

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