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Thread: DigitalNature template bug?

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    New Pligger obrien's Avatar
    Feb 2009

    Unhappy DigitalNature template bug?

    I get this in the Upcoming News module on the left. Nothing subsequent renders.

    Fatal error: TPL: [in digitalnature/sidebar_stories.tpl line 240]: syntax error: file ‘digitalnature/sidebar_stories_wrapper.tpl’ does not exist in /home2/rareexc/public_html/veryclover/class.template.php on line 923

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    Pligg Developer/Coder/Designer ChuckRoast's Avatar
    Dec 2005
    Pliggville USA
    Digital nature is a very old template which will not work for Pligg 1.0
    Each template is specifically made for each version of pligg.
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