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Thread: Users can't login

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    Aug 2010

    Users can't login

    Hi All,

    I really hope you can help. Just installed pligg, no problems with the install. But none of the users can log in. Doesn't matter if I create the account, or they did it themselves. They keep getting this:

    ERROR - Incorrect Username or Password

    Multiple machines, various OS and browsers, same problem.

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    Pligg Founder/Coder/Designer Yankidank's Avatar
    Dec 2005
    San Francisco, CA
    Are they activating their account through the email activation link? Check Admin > Manage > Users, and make sure that all of their accounts are "validated". This means that they clicked the email validation link. You can turn off email validation if you don't want to make users verify their address. This isn't something that I recommend since that feature is a basic way to fight some spammers.
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    Jun 2009

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    Aug 2010
    how do we turn off email validation? I signed up with different email address and haven't received the validation wondering if it is on?

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