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Thread: WHAT IS PLIGG? - Remove

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    Nov 2010

    Exclamation WHAT IS PLIGG? - Remove

    How do I remove this?

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    Dec 2008
    go to Admin › Language


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    Oct 2010
    wow, what a basic questioon - but I guess that goes to show that the LANGUAGE tab needs to be split up into more finely grained categories: improvement of LANGUAGE page in admin panel - Pligg CMS Forum - Projects

    I guess some of these variables should be made more configurable during a web based installation, so that the user can directly change these settings while installing pligg?

    - woncount

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    Oct 2010
    this is still something that seems somewhat unorganized in pligg, there are dozenz of strings displayed/configurable on single page, a batter categorization would really seem like a good idea. And providing a wizard-like interface to make things more configurable during installation would also be great.

    - woncount

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