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Thread: Using SMTP over Pligg with phpmailer

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    Using SMTP over Pligg with phpmailer

    Just I want to do a little summary of what to do to setup the SMTP mail sending in Pligg

    Pligg use the phpmailer class to send mail, and phpmailer allow us use a SMTP server (internal or external) like sending method, by there is no way (yet) to setup this by the Pligg admin panel, so we need modify some files.

    - Firstly we find the phpmailer class at:

    - Modify the SMTP settings. Likely you will need modify the next variables:

      public $Mailer            = 'smtp'; ("mail" by default, you need change it to "smtp")
      public $Host          = 'localhost'; (SMTP server host)
      public $Port          = 25; (port, 25, 465, 587)
      public $SMTPSecure    = ''; (empty for plain connection, likely you will need change to "tls" or "ssl")
      public $SMTPAuth      = false; (change to true if you have and username and password for the SMTP server)
      public $Username      = '';
      public $Password      = '';
    - Save the file

    - This is not enough, because you will need include the class.smtp.php (phpmailer plugin) in the same phpmailer folder. To get this, download phpmailer from:

    - Take the "class.smtp.php" and upload it to the <pligg-path>/libs/ folder.

    - In the last step you need check the "from" address in your lang_xx.conf file. The field to modify is: PLIGG_PassEmail_From =

    I spent time trying find the form to get this, I hope it helps someone.

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    Thanks for sharing with the community.
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